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Pralka BEKO WMB 51041 PT Pralka BEKO WMB 51041 PT

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Washing Machine Plně automatická pračka Automatická pračka Pralka automatyczna
WMB 51241 PT WMB 51041 PT


1 Warnings
General Safety
• Never place your machine on a carpet
covered floor. Otherwise, lack of airflow from
below of your machine may cause electrical
parts to overheat. This may cause problems
with your washing machine.
• If the power cable or mains plug is damaged
you must call Authorized Service for repair. • Fit the drain hose into the discharge housing
securely to prevent any water leakage and
to allow machine to take in and discharge
water as required. It is very important that the
water intake and drain hoses are not folded,
squeezed, or broken when the appliance
is pushed into place after it is installed or
• Your washing machine is designed to
continue operating when the power restores
after a power interruption. The machine will
resume its program when the power restores.
Press the “Start/Pause/Cancel” button for
3 seconds to cancel the program (See,
Canceling a Program)
• There may be some water in your machine
when you receive it. This is from the quality
control process and is normal. It is not harmful
to your machine.
• Some problems you may encounter may be
caused by the infrastructure. Press “Start/
Pause/Cancel” button for 3 seconds to cancel
the program set in your machine before calling
the authorized service.
First Use
• Carry out your first washing process without
loading your machine and with detergent
under “Cottons 90°C” program.
• Ensure that the cold and hot water
connections are made correctly when
installing your machine.
• If the current fuse or circuit breaker is less
than 16 Amperes, please have a qualified
electrician install a 16 Ampere fuse or circuit
• While using with or without a transformer, do
not neglect to have the grounding installation
laid by a qualified electrician. Our company
shall not be liable for any damages that may
arise when the machine is used on a line
without grounding.
• Keep the packaging materials out of reach
of children or dispose them by classifying
according to waste directives.
Intended use
• This product has been designed for home
• The appliance may only be used for washing
and rinsing of textiles that are marked
• This appliance is not intended for use by
persons (including children) with reduced
2 - EN
physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
or lack of experience and knowledge,
unless they have been given supervision or
instruction concerning use of the appliance by
a person responsible for their safety. Safety instructions
• This appliance must be connected to an
earthed outlet protected by a fuse of suitable
• The supply and draining hoses must always
be securely fastened and remain in an
undamaged state.
• Fit the draining hose to a washbasin or
bathtub securely before starting up your
machine. There may be a risk of being
scalded due to high washing temperatures! • Never open the loading door or remove the
filter while there is still water in the drum. • Unplug the machine when it is not in use. • Never wash down the appliance with a water
hose! There is the risk of electric shock! • Never touch the plug with wet hands. Do not
operate the machine if the power cord or plug
is damaged.
• For malfunctions that cannot be solved by
information in the operating manual: • Turn off the machine, unplug it, turn off
the water tap and contact an authorized
service agent. You may refer to your local
agent or solid waste collection center in your
municipality to learn how to dispose of your
If there are children in your house... • Keep children away from the machine when it
is operating. Do not let them tamper with the
• Close the loading door when you leave the
area where the machine is located.
2 Installation
Removing packaging reinforcement Tilt the machine to remove the packaging reinforcement. Remove the packaging
reinforcement by pulling the ribbon.
Opening the transportation locks A
Transportation safety bolts must be removed
before operating the washing machine!
Otherwise, the machine will be damaged! 1. Loosen all the bolts with a spanner until they
rotate freely (“C”)
2. Remove transportation safety bolts by turning
them gently.
3. Fit the covers (supplied in the bag with the
Operation Manual) into the holes on the rear
panel. (“P”)


Keep the transportation safety bolts in a safe
place to reuse when the washing machine
needs to be moved again in the future. C
Never move the appliance without the
transportation safety bolts properly fixed in
Adjusting the feet
Do not use any tools to loosen the lock nuts.
Otherwise, they can be damaged. 1. Manually (by hand) loosen the lock nuts on
the feet.
2. Adjust them until the machine stands level
and firmly.
3. Important: Tighten all lock nuts up again.
Connecting to the water supply. Important:
• The water supply pressure required to run the
machine must be 1-10 bar (0,1 – 1 MPa). • Connect the special hoses supplied with the
machine to the water intake valves on the
• If you are going to use your double water-inlet
machine as a single (cold) water-inlet unit, you
must install the stopper*, supplied with your
machine to the hot water valve.
• If you want to use both water inlets of the
product, you can connect the hot water hose
after removing the stopper and gasket group
from the hot water valve.
* Applies for the products supplied with a blind stopper group.
• Models with a single water inlet should not be
connected to the hot water tap.
When returning the appliance to its place after maintenance or cleaning, care should be taken not to fold, squeeze or block the hoses.
Connecting to the drain
The water discharge hose can be attached to the edge of a washbasin or bathtub. The drain hose should be firmly fitted into the drain as to not get out of its housing.
• The end of the drain hose must be directly
connected to the wastewater drain or to the
• The hose should be attached to a height of at
3 - EN
least 40 cm, and 100 cm at most.
• In case the hose is elevated after laying it on
the floor level or close to the ground (less than
40 cm above the ground), water discharge
becomes more difficult and the laundry may
come out wet.
• The hose should be pushed into the drainage
for more than 15 cm. If it is too long you may
have it shortened.
• The maximum length of the combined hoses
must not be longer than 3.2 m.
Electrical connection
Connect the machine to an earthed outlet protected by a fuse of suitable capacity. Important:
• Connection should comply with national
• The voltage and the allowed fuse protection
are specified in the section “Technical
• The specified voltage must be equal to your
mains voltage.
• Connection via extension cords or multi-plugs
should not be made.
A damaged power cable must be replaced by
a qualified electrician.
The appliance must not be operated unless it
is repaired! There is the risk of electric shock!


3 Initial preparations for washing Preparing clothes for washing
Laundry items with metal attachments such as, bras, belt buckles and metal buttons will damage the machine. Remove metal attachments or place the items in a clothing bag, pillow case, or something similar.
• Sort the laundry according to type of fabric,
color, and degree of soiling and permissible
water temperature. Always follow the advice
on the garment labels.
• Place small items like infants’ socks and nylon
stockings, etc. in a laundry bag, pillow case
or something similar. This will also save your
laundry from getting lost.
• Wash “machine washable” or “hand
washable” labeled products only with an
appropriate program.
• Do not wash colors and whites together. New,
dark colored cottons may release a lot of dye.
Wash them separately.
• Use only dyes/color changers and lime
removers suitable for machine wash. Always
follow the instructions on the packaging. • Wash trousers and delicate clothes turned
inside out.
Correct load capacity
Please follow the information in the "Program
Selection Table". Washing results will degrade
when the machine is overloaded.
Loading door
The door locks during program operation and the Door Locked Symbol lights up. The door can be opened when the symbol fades out.
Detergents and softeners
Detergent Drawer
The detergent dra wer is composed of three compartments:
The detergent dispenser may be in two different types according to the model of your machine. – (I) for prewash
– (II) for main wash
- (III) siphon
– ( ) for softener
When using a program without pre-wash, no detergent should be put into the pre-wash compartment (Compartment no. I).
Detergent quantity
The amount of washing detergent to be used depends on the amount of laundry, the degree of soiling and water hardness.
• Do not use amounts exceeding the quantities
recommended on the package to avoid
problems of excessive foam, poor rinsing,
financial savings and finally, environmental
• Never exceed the (> max <) level marking;
otherwise, the softener will be wasted without
being used.
• Do not use liquid detergent if you want to
wash using the time delay feature.
Detergent, softener and other cleaning agents
Add detergent and softener before starting the washing program.
Never open the detergent dispenser drawer while the washing program is running!
4 - EN


4 Selecting a Program and Operating Your Machine
Control panel
6 7 1 - Spin Speed Adjustment Button 2 - Display
3 - Temperature Adjustment Button 4 - Program Selection Knob
5 - On/Off Button
6 - Time Delaying Button (+/-) 7 - Auxiliary Function Buttons 8 - Start/Pause/Cancel Button
Display symbols
a - Spin Symbol
b - Spin Speed Indicator
c – Water cut-off symbol (According to your
machine’s model)
d - Economy Symbol
e - Temperature Indicator
f - Temperature Symbol
g - Door Locked Symbol
h - Standby Symbol
i - Start Symbol
j - Auxiliary Function Symbols
k - Remaining Time and Delaying Time Indicator l - Program Indicator Symbols (pre-wash/main
m - Time Delaying Symbol
Turning the machine on
Plug in your machine. Turn the tap on completely. Check if the hoses are connected tightly. Place the laundry in the machine. Add detergent and softener. Press the “On/Off” button.
a b
c d e f
g h i
l k
Program selection
Select the appropriate program from the program table according to type, amount and degree of soiling of the laundry and washing temperatures. Turn the Program Selection Knob to the program mode that you wish to wash your laundry. The recommended temperature and spin speed for the selected program appear. Press "Start/ Pause/Cancel" button to start the program. Main programs
Depending on the type of textile, the following main programs are available:
• Cottons
You can wash your durable clothes with this program. Your laundry will be washed with vigorous washing movements during a longer washing cycle. It is recommended for your cotton items (such as bed sheets, duvet and pillowcase sets, bathrobes, underclothing, etc.).
• Synthetics
You can wash your less durable clothes on this program. Gentler washing movements and a shorter washing cycle is used compared to the “Cottons” program. It is recommended for your synthetic clothes (such as shirts, blouses,
5 - EN


synthetic/cotton blended garments, etc.). For curtains and lace, the “Synthetic 40” program with pre-wash and anti-creasing functions selected is recommended. Detergent should not be put in the pre-wash compartment. Less detergent should be put in the main wash compartment as loose knit fabrics (lace) foam too much due to its meshed structure.
• Woollens
You can wash your machine-washable woolen garments on this program. Wash by selecting the proper temperature according to the labels of your clothes. It is recommended to use appropriate detergents for woolens.
Additional programs
For special cases, there are also extra programs available:
Additional programs may differ according to
the model of your machine.
• Cotton Economic
You may wash your laundry to be washed in cottons program in longer periods which ensure very good washing performance.
Cottons economy program consumes less
energy compared to other cottons programs. • Babycare
Increased hygiene is provided by a longer heating period and an additional rinse cycle. It is recommended for baby clothes and clothes worn by allergic people.
• Hand wash
You can wash your woolen/delicate clothes that bear “not machine- washable” labels for which hand wash is recommended on this program. It washes the laundry with very tender washing movements without damaging your clothes. • Daily express
You can use this program to quickly wash a small number of lightly soiled and unstained cotton garments. E.g.: bathrobes, duvet covers, sport wear, daily clothes and etc. used only once. • Express 14
You can use this program to quickly wash a small number of lightly soiled and unstained cotton garments. E.g.: bathrobes, duvet covers, sport wear, daily clothes and etc. used only once.
• Darkcare
Use this programme to wash your dark coloured laundry, or the coloured laundry that you do not want them get faded. This programme washes your laundry with low mechanical movements and at low temperature. We recommend you to use liquid detergent or woolen shampoo for dark coloured laundry.
• Mix
You can use this program to wash cottons and synthetics together. There is no need to sort them. • Shirts
You can use this program to wash the shirts made
6 - EN
of cotton, synthetic and synthetic blended fabrics. • Freshen Up
You can use “Refreshing” program to remove odors from laundry that are used only for once and do not have any spots or dirt on them.
• Eco clean 20 (Eco Clean)
You can use this program, which is more sensitive to environment and natural resources, to wash lightly soiled and unspotted cotton laundry (max 3.5 kg) in a short time and economical way. It is suggested to use liquid or gel washing detergents. • Self Clean
It is suggested to run this program with certain intervals (e.g. once in 1 or 2 months) for the self-cleaning of your machine. This program must certainly be run without any laundry in the machine. Make sure that the machine is empty before starting the program. For more effective cleaning, you can run the program by adding powder lime remover for washing machines into compartment II of the detergent drawer. After the program is completed, leave the door ajar to allow the inside of the machine get dry.
This is not a program for washing laundry.
This is a maintenance program for the
Never use this program if there is something
in your machine.
When this feature is started your machine
senses the load inside of it automatically, if
any, and interrupts the program.
Economy Symbol
Shows energy saving programs and temperature selections.
As "Intensive" and "Hygiene" programs are long programs with higher temperature selections to ensure hygiene, “Economy” Symbol will not light up.
Special programs
For specific applications, select any of the following programs:
• Rinse
This program is used when you want to rinse or starch separately.
• Spin + Drain
This program spins with maximum possible rpm in the default setting after the water drains from the machine.
Use a lower spin speed for delicate laundries. Temperature selection
Whenever a new program is selected, the temperature anticipated for that program appears on the temperature indicator.
To change the temperature, press the temperature button. Temperature decreases in 10° increments. Cold selection is shown with “-” symbol.


40˚C 30˚C Cold
Normally soiled, white cottons and linens. (Ex.: coffee table covers, tablecloths, towels, bed sheets) Normally soiled, fade proof colored linens, cottons or synthetic clothes (Ex.: shirts, nightgowns, pajamas) and lightly soiled white linen clothes (Ex.: underwear)
Blended clothes including synthetics and woolens as well as delicates.
Spin Speed selection
Whenever a new program is selected, the maximum spin speed of the selected program is displayed on the spin speed indicator.
To decrease the spin speed, press the “Spin” button. Spin speed decreases gradually. Then, rinse hold and no spin options are shown respectively.
Rinse hold is shown with “ ” and no spin is shown with “ ” symbols.
If you are not going to unload your clothes immediately after the cycle, you may use rinse hold function in order to prevent your clothes become wrinkled when there is no water in the machine. With this function, your laundry is kept in the final rinsing water. If you want to spin your laundry after the rinse hold function:
- Adjust the spin speed.
- Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button. Program
resumes. Your machine drains the water and
spins your laundry.
You can use no spin function in order to drain the water without spinning at the end of the program.
7 - EN


Program and consumption table
Programme (°C)


Cottons Cottons Cottons Babycare Cotton Economic Cotton Economic Synthetics Synthetics Eco Clean Mix
90 60 40 90 60** 40 60 40 20 40 40
5 5 5 5 5 5 2.5 2.5 3.5 3 2.5
Express 14
Daily Express
Daily Express
Daily Express
Hand wash
Self Clean
Freshen Up
• : Selectable
Auxiliary functions






55 53 53 40 45 50 40 65 35 40 40
1.90 1.35 0.70 1.80 0.85 0.60 0.90 0.40 0.16 0.40 0.45
1600 1600 1600 1600 1600 1600 1000 1000 1600 1000 800
• • •
• • •
• • • •
• • • •
• •
• •
Selectable temperature range °C




• • • * • • • •
• • •
• • • •
• •
• *
• • • • • • • • • • •
• • •
• • • •

90-Cold 90-Cold 90-Cold 90-30 60-Cold 60-Cold 60-Cold 60-Cold
20 40-Cold 60-Cold







* : Automatically selected, not cancellable.
** : Energy Label program (EN 60456)
*** If maximum spin speed of your machine is lower, selection may be made until maximum spin speed. - : See program description for maximum load.
The auxiliary functions in the table vary according to the model of your machine.
Water and power consumption and program duration differ from the table subject to changes in
water pressure, water hardness and temperature, ambient temperature, type and amount of laundry,
selection of auxiliary functions, and changes in supply voltage.
Program duration will be displayed on the screen of your machine according to your selection.
8 - EN


Auxiliary functions
Auxiliary function selection
If an auxiliary function that should not be selected together with a previously selected function is chosen, the first selected function will be cancelled and the last auxiliary function selection will remain active.
Ex.: If you want to select pre-wash first and then quick wash, pre-wash will be cancelled and quick wash will remain active.
Auxiliary function that is not compatible with the
program cannot be selected. (see, “Program
Selection Table”)
• Prewash
When you select this function, the display will indicate "F1" symbol.
• A pre-wash is only worthwhile for heavily
soiled laundry. Without pre-wash you save
energy, water, detergent and time.
• Pre-wash without detergent is recommended
for lace and curtains.
• Quick Wash
With this function, the wash time is shortened. "F2” symbol lights up on the display.
• Use this function for smaller amounts or
slightly soiled laundries.
• Rinse Plus
When this function is selected, washing and rinsing is performed with plenty of water. "F3” symbol lights up on the display.
• Anti-Creasing
With this function, drum movement will be lessened to prevent creasing and spinning speed is limited. In addition, washing is carried out at a higher water level. "F4” symbol lights up on the display.
• Use this function for delicate laundries that
crease easily.
Whenever you select this auxiliary function,
load your machine with half of the maximum
laundry specified in the program table. • Pet hair removal
This function helps you to remove the pet hairs that remain on your clothes.
When this function is selected, your machine adds pre-wash and additional rinsing steps to the normal program cycle. Thus, pet hairs are removed more effectively by performing the washing with more water (30%).
Never wash your pets in your washing
Time display
The display shows the time remaining for the program to complete while a program is running. Time is displayed in hours and minutes as “01:30”.
Time delay
With the “Time delay” function you can delay the program start up to 24 hours. Setting can be
9 - EN
made in intervals of 30 minutes.
Open the loading door, place the laundry inside and fill detergent drawer. Set the washing program, temperature, spin speed and, if required, select the auxiliary functions. Press “Time delaying” buttons “+” and “-” to set your desired time delay. The Time delaying symbol will flash. Press “Start/ Pause/Cancel” button. Then the time delay starts to count down. The Time delaying symbol will light up. The Start symbol will light up.
The “:” in the middle of the displayed time delay will start to flash.

More laundry may be loaded or taken out
during the time delay period. At the end of the
time delay countdown process, time delaying
symbol fades and the washing starts as the
program duration is displayed.
Changing the delay time
If you want to change the time during the countdown:
Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button. “ : “ in the middle of the screen will stop flashing. The Standby symbol will light up. The Time delaying symbol will flash. The Start Symbol will fade. Press “Time delaying” buttons “+” or “-” to set your desired time delay. Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button. The Time delaying symbol will light up. The Standby symbol will fade. The Start symbol will light up.The “:” in the middle of the displayed time delay will start to flash.
Canceling the time delay
If you want to cancel the time delay countdown and start the program immediately:
Press “Start/Pause/Cancel” button. The “:” in the middle of the displayed time delay will stop flashing. Start symbol will fade. The standby symbol and the time delaying symbol will flash. Press time delaying button “-” to decrease the desired time delay. Program duration after 30 minutes shall be displayed. Press Start/Pause/ Cancel Button to start the program.
Starting the Program
Press Start/Pause/Cancel button to start the program. The start symbol which indicates that the program has started will light up. The door locks and the door locked symbol will light up. The Symbol of the relevant step (prewash, main wash, rinse, softener and spin) that the program has started from will light up.
Changing the selections after the program has started
The selected spin speed and program temperature fade out. An empty frame appears.
When the “Program selection” button is brought to the appropriate position, rpm and temperature data reappear.
Switching the machine to standby mode The machine is switched to standby mode by pressing “Start/Pause/Cancel” button momentarily.


The Standby symbol which indicates the machine is in standby mode lights up and the start symbol that shows the program has started and is still continuing fades out.
Selecting or canceling an auxiliary function in pause mode
Auxiliary functions can be cancelled or selected in accordance with the step the program is at. Adding/removing laundry in pause mode The door can be opened if the water level is suitable. The door locked symbol will light up until the door is suitable for opening. This symbol will fade out as soon as the door is allowed to open. Laundry may be added / taken out by opening the door.
Door lock
The Door Locked Symbol lights up when the loading door is locked. This symbol will flash until the door is allowed to open. Do not force the door at this stage. This symbol will fade out as soon as the door is allowed to open. You may open the door after the symbol fades out.
Child-proof lock
Protect the appliance from being tampered by children by means of the child-proof lock. In this case, no change can be made in the running program.
Your machine can be turned on and off with
On/Off button while the child-proof lock is
activated. In this case, your machine will
resume its program with child-proof lock
The machine is switched to child-lock by pressing the 2nd and 4th auxiliary functions for 3 sec. “C:on” (Child-proof lock is activated) label appears on the display.
The same symbol will also be displayed whenever any button is pressed while the machine is child- locked.
To deactivate the child-proof lock, press the 2nd and 4th auxiliary function buttons for 3 sec. “C:OFF” (Child-proof lock is deactivated) label appears on the screen.
Ending the program through canceling “Start/Pause/Cancel” button is pressed for 3 seconds to cancel the program. Start symbol will flash during cancellation. After cancellation, the symbol of the corresponding step at which the cancellation was made will remain lit and “End” will appear on the screen.
End of program
When the program is finished, the symbols of the relevant steps will remain lit up and the auxiliary function, spin and temperature data selected at the start-up of the program will remain selected. “End” will appear on the display.
10 - EN
5 Maintenance and cleaning Detergent Drawer
Remove any powder residue buildup in the drawer. To do this;
1. Press the dotted point on the siphon in the
softener compartment and pull towards you
until the compartment is removed from the
If more than a normal amount of water
and softener mixture starts to gather in the
softener compartment, the siphon must be
2. Wash the dispenser drawer and the siphon
with plenty of lukewarm water in a washbasin. 3. Replace the drawer into its housing after
cleaning. Check if the siphon is in its original
Inlet water filters
There is a filter at the end of each water intake valve at the back side of the machine and also at the end of each water intake hose where they are connected to the tap. These filters prevent the foreign substances and dirt in the water to enter into the machine. Filters should be cleaned as they get dirty.
• Close the taps.
• Remove the nuts of the water intake hoses to
clean the surfaces of the filters on the water
intake valves with an appropriate brush. • If the filters are very dirty, you can pull them
out by means of pliers and clean them. • Take out the filters on the flat ends of the
water intake hoses together with the gaskets
and clean thoroughly under streaming water. • Replace the gaskets and filters carefully to
their places and tighten the hose nuts by
Draining any remaining water and cleaning the pump filter
Your product is equipped with a filter system which ensures a cleaner water discharge that extends


pump life by preventing solid items such as buttons, coins and fabric fibers from clogging the pump propeller during discharge of the washing water.
• If your machine fails to drain the water, the
pump filter may be clogged. You may have
to clean it every 2 years or whenever it is
plugged. Water must be drained off to clean
the pump filter.
In addition, water may have to be drained off completely in the following cases:
• before transporting the machine (e.g. when
moving house)
• when there is the danger of frost
In order to clean the dirty filter and discharge the water;
1- Unplug the machine to cut off the supply power. A
There may be water at 90°C in the machine.
Therefore, the filter must be cleaned only
after the inside water is cooled down to avoid
hazard of scalding.
2- Open the filter cap. The filter cap may be composed of one or two pieces according to the model of your machine.
If it is composed of two pieces, press the tab on the filter cap downwards and pull the piece out towards yourself.
If it is composed of one piece, hold it from both sides and open it by pulling out.
3- An emergency drain hose is supplied with some of our models. Others are not supplied with this item.
If your product is supplied with an emergency drain hose, do the following as shown in the figure below:
• Pull out the pump outlet hose from its
• Place a large container at the end of the
hose. Drain the water off into the container
by pulling out the plug at the end of the hose.
If the amount of water to be drained off is
greater than the volume of the container,
replace the plug, pour the water out, then
resume the draining process.
11 - EN
• After draining process is completed, replace
the plug into the end of the hose and fit the
hose back into its place.
If your product is not supplied with an emergency drain hose, do the following as shown in the figure below:
• Place a large container in front of the filter to
receive water flowing from the filter. • Loosen pump filter (anticlockwise) until water
starts to flow out of it. Direct the flowing water
into the container you have placed in front
of the filter. You can use a piece of cloth to
absorb any spilled water.
• When there is no water left, turn the pump
filter until it is completely loose and remove it. • Clean any residues inside the filter as well as
fibers, if any, around the propeller region. • If your product has a water jet feature, be sure
to fit the filter into its housing in the pump.
Never force the filter while replacing it into
its housing. Fit the filter fully into its housing;
otherwise, water may leak from the filter cap. 4- Close the filter cap.
Close the two-piece filter cap of your product by pushing the tab on it.
Close the one-piece filter cap of your product by fitting the tabs on the bottom into their positions and pushing the upper part of it.


6 Solution suggestions for problems
Program cannot be started or selected.
• Machine may have switched to self
protection mode due to an infrastructure
problem (such as line voltage, water
pressure, etc.).
There is water coming from the bottom of the machine.
Explanation / Suggestion
• Reset your machine by pressing “Start/Pause/
Cancel” button for 3 seconds. (see, Canceling
a Program)
• Be sure the seals of the water inlet hoses are
securely fitted.
• There might be problems with hoses or the
• Tightly attach the drain hose to the tap.
pump filter.
Machine stopped shortly after the program started. • Machine can stop temporarily due to low
• Make sure that the pump filter is completely
• It will resume operating when the voltage is
back to the normal level.
It continuously spins. Remaining time does not count down. (For models with a display)
• There may be an imbalance of laundry in
the machine.
• The automatic spin correction system might
have been activated due to the unbalanced
distribution of the laundry in the drum. • The laundry in the drum may be clustered
(bundled laundry in a bag). Laundry should be
rearranged and re-spun.
• No spinning is performed when the laundry is
not evenly distributed in the drum to prevent
any damage to the machine and to its
It continuously washes. Remaining time does not count down. (For models with a display)
• In the case of a paused countdown while taking
in water:
• Timer will not countdown until the machine is
filled with the correct amount of water.
• In the case of a paused countdown at the
heating step:
• Time will not count down until the selected
temperature for the program is reached
• In the case of a paused countdown at the
spinning step:
• There may be an imbalance of laundry in
the machine.
There is foaming over the detergent drawer
• Too much detergent was used.
12 - EN
• The machine will wait until there is a sufficient
amount of water to avoid poor washing results due
to lack of water. Then the timer will start to count
• The automatic spin correction system might have
been activated due to the unbalanced distribution of
the laundry in the drum.
• The laundry in the drum may be clustered (bundled
laundry in a bag). Laundry should be rearranged and
• No spinning is performed when the laundry is
not evenly distributed in the drum to prevent any
damage to the machine and to its environment.
• Mix 1 tablespoonful softener and ½ liter water
and pour into the main wash compartment of the
detergent drawer.


7 Specifications
Maximum dry laundry capacity (kg) Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Depth (cm)
Net Weight (±4 kg)
Electricity (V/Hz.)
Total Current (A)
Total Power (W)
Spinning cycle (rpm max.)
WMB 51241 PT WMB 51041 PT
5 5
84 84
60 60
45 45
62 60
230 V / 50Hz
10 10
1200 1000
Specifications of this appliance may change without notice to improve the quality of the product. Figures in this manual are schematic and may not match your product exactly.
Values stated on the machine labels or in the documentation accompanying it are obtained in laboratory in accordance with the relevant standards. Depending on operational and environmental conditions of
the appliance, values may vary.
This appliance’s packaging material is recyclable. Help recycle it and protect the environment by dropping it off in the municipal receptacles provided for this purpose. Your appliance also contains a great amount of recyclable material. It is marked with this label to indicate the used appliances that should not be mixed with other waste. This way, the appliance recycling organised by your manufacturer will be done under the best possible conditions, in compliance with European Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Contact your town hall or your retailer for the used appliance collection points clos- est to your home. We thank you doing your part to protect the environment.
Dark wash Dark wash Synthetics Cottons
Anti- creasing
Child- proof lock
Hand Wash
Daily express
Rinse hold
Start/ Pause
No spin
Quick wash
Mixed 40
Super 40 Extra rinse Freshen
13 - EN
Main wash
Pet hair removal
Cotton Woolens expres 14 Eco Super short
Temperature Self
Sport Time delay Intensive
Fasion care



1 Varování
Obecné bezpečnostní pokyny
• Nikdy neinstalujte přístroj na podlahu s
kobercem. Jinak by nedostatečné proudění
vzduchu pod strojem mohlo způsobit
přehřívání elektrických součástí. Tím by mohly
vzniknout potíže s vaší pračkou.
• Pokud je poškozen napájecí kabel nebo
zástrčka, nutně požádejte o opravu
autorizovaný servis.
• Pevně zapojte odčerpávací hadici do
výstupního otvoru, aby nedošlo k úniku vody
a stroj mohl dle potřeby přijímat a vypouštět
vodu. Je důležité, aby přívodní a odčerpávací
hadice nebyly přehnuté, zmáčknuté nebo
rozbité, když spotřebič stěhujete na místo po
instalaci nebo čištění.
• Vaše pračka by měla pokračovat v provozu
v případě výpadku elektrické energie. Po
obnovení přívodu energie pračka neobnoví
svůj program. Stiskněte tlačítko “Start/
Pauza/Storno” na 3 sekundy pro stornování
programu (viz Stornování programu) • Při přijetí může být ve vaší pračce zbytková
voda. Pochází z procesu kontroly kvality a
nejde o závadu. Nemůže tím dojít k poškození
vaší pračky.
• Některé problémy, které se mohou vyskytnout,
mohou být způsobeny infrastrukturou.
Stiskněte tlačítko “Start/Pauza/Storno” na
3 sekundy pro stornování programu ve vaší
pračce, než zavoláte autorizovaný servis. První použití
• První prací cyklus proveďte bez vložení
prádla, jen s pracím práškem a při nastavení
programu “Bavlna 90°C“.
• Zajistěte, aby instalace teplé a studené vody
byla správně provedená.
• Pokud je hlavní jistič nebo proudový chránič
omezen na méně než 16 ampér, požádejte
kvalifikovaného elektrikáře o nainstalování 16
ampérové pojistky nebo proudového chrániče. • Při používání s transformátorem nebo bez
něj nezapomeňte na správné uzemnění
provedené kvalifikovaným elektrikářem. Naše
společnost nezodpovídá za škody vzniklé
používáním přístroje na vedení bez uzemnění. • Obaly skladujte mimo dosah dětí nebo je
zlikvidujte podle příslušných odpadových
Určené použití
• Tento produkt byl vyroben pro domácí použití. • Spotřebič lze používat k praní a máchání
prádla, které je označeno jako vhodné pro
praní v pračce.
• Tento spotřebič by neměly používat osoby
(včetně dětí) se sníženými fyzickým,
smyslovými či duševními schopnostmi, s
nedostatkem zkušeností a znalostí, pokud
nemají dohled nebo pokyny týkající se
15 - CZ
používání spotřebiče, od osoby, jež zodpovídá
za jejich bezpečí.
Bezpečnostní pokyny
• Tento spotřebič musí být připojen k uzemněné
zástrčce ochráněné pojistkou s vhodnou
• Přívodní a odčerpávací hadice musí být vždy
pevně připevněné a v nepoškozeném stavu. • Před spuštěním spotřebiče připojte pevně
odčerpávací hadici k umyvadlu nebo vaně.
Jinak hrozí riziko opaření vlivem vysokých
teplot při praní!
• Nikdy neotevírejte vkládací dvířka a
nevyjímejte filtr, když je voda v bubnu. • Odpojte stroj, když jej nepoužíváte.
• Nikdy neumývejte zařízení proudem vody!
Hrozí riziko zásahu elektrickým proudem! • Nikdy se nedotýkejte zásuvky mokrýma
rukama. Přístroj nepoužívejte,, pokud je
napájecí kabel nebo zástrčka poškozena. • V případě, že vznikne závada, kterou nelze
odstanit podle instrukcí v návodu, postupujte
• Vypněte pračku, odpojte ji ze sítě, uzavřete
přívodní kohoutek a kontaktujte autorizovaný
servis. Informace o likvidaci stroje vám
poskytne místní prodejce nebo středisko
sběru tuhých odpadů ve vaší obci.
Pokud máte v domě děti…
• Udržujte děti mimo dosah přístroje, pokud je v
provozu. Nedovolte jim hrát si se přístrojem. • Zavřete vkládací dvířka, když opouštíte místo,
kde je pračka instalována.
2 Instalace
Sejmutí výztuh obalů
Nakloňte stroj pro sejmutí výztuh obalů. Sejměte výztuhy obalů tak, že zatáhnete za stuhu.
Odstranění přepravních pojistek A
Před použitím pračky je třeba odstranit
přepravní pojistky.
1. Uvolněte všechny šrouby klíčem, dokud jimi
nelze volně otáčet (“C”)
2. Odstraňte přepravní bezpečnostní šrouby tak,
že jimi jemně otočíte.
3. Nasaďte kryty ((dodané v sáčku s Návodem k
použití) do otvorů na zadním panelu. (“P”)

Uschovejte přepravní bezpečnostní šrouby na
bezpečném místě pro další použití, v případě
možného přemístění..
Nikdy nepřemisťujte spotřebič bez řádně
upevněných bezpečnostních přepravních


Seřízení nožek
Na uvolnění blokovacích matic nepoužívejte
žádné nástroje. Jinak by se mohly poškodit. 1. Ručně povolte blokovací matice na nožkách.
2. Upravujte jejich stav, dokud přístroj nebude ve
vodorovné poloze.
3. Důležité upozornění: Po seřízenívšechny
blokovací matice znovu utáhněte.
Připojení k přívodu vody.
Důležité upozornění:
• Tlak vody nezbytný pro použití stroje musí být
1-10 barů (0,1 – 1 MPa).
• Připojte zvláštní hadice dodávané s pračkou k
přívodním ventilům pračky.
• Aby nedošlo k úniku vody v místě spojů, jsou
k hadicím připojena těsnění (4 těsnění pro
modely s dvojím vstupem vody a 2 těsnění
pro ostatní modely). Tato těsnění použijte na
koncích hadice pro připevnění ke kohoutku
• Hadici zatlačte do odpadu nejméně 15 cm.
Pokud je příliš dlouhá, můžete ji zkrátit. • Maximální délka spojených hadic nesmí
přesahovat 3,2 m.
Elektrické zapojení
Připojte spotřebič k uzemněné zástrčce ochráněné pojistkou s vhodnou kapacitou.
Důležité upozornění:
• Připojení by mělo splňovat místní předpisy. • Napětí a povolená ochrana pojistek jsou
uvedeny v oddíle “Technické parametry”. • Stanovené napětí musí být shodné s napětím
ve vaší síti.
• Připojení přes prodlužovací kabely nebo
rozdvojky se nedoporučuje.
Poškozený napájecí kabel musí vyměnit
kvalifikovaný elektrikář.
musí být připevněn ke kohoutku a konec s
loktem připojen k pračce. Pevně utáhněte
matice hadice rukou; na matice nikdy
nepoužívejte klíče.
• Modely s jediným přívodem vody nepřipojujte
ke kohoutku s horkou vodou.
Při vracení spotřebiče na místo po údržbě nebo čištění dávejte pozor, abyste nepřekroutili, nezmáčkli nebo nezablokovali hadice.
Spotřebič nesmíte používat, dokud není vody a k pračce. Rovný konec hadice s filtrem
opraven! Hrozí riziko zásahu
Připojení k odpadu
Hadici pro odpadní vodu lze připevnit k okraji vany nebo umyvadla. Odpadovou hadici pevně upevněte k odpadu, aby nemohla vypadnout z krytu.
Důležité upozornění:
• Konec odpadové hadice přímo připojte k
odpadu nebo do vany.
• Hadici připevněte do výšky nejméně 40 cm a
nejvýše 100 cm.
• Pokud je hadice zvednutá poté, co ležela na
zemi nebo v její blízkosti (méně než 40 cm
nad zemí), je odčerpání vody ztíženo a prádlo
může být při vyjímání z pračky mokré.
16 - CZ
elektrickým proudem!
3 Počáteční přípravy na praní Příprava oděvů k praní
Předměty s kovovými částmi, jako jsou
podprsenky, spony pásků a kovové knoflíky, mohou poškodit pračku. Kovové části odstraňte nebo umístěte předměty do sáčku, povlaku na polštář nebo podobné pomůcky.
• Prádlo roztřiďte podle typu látky, barvy a
stupně zašpinění a povolené teploty vody.
Vždy dodržujte pokyny uvedené na štítcích
• Malé oděvy jako dětské ponožky a nylonové
punčochy vkládejte vždy do pracího sáčku,
povlaku na polštář nebo podobné pomůcky.
Předejdete tím také ztrátě oděvů.
• Oděvy označené jako “lze prát v pračce” nebo
“perte v ruce” perte jen s využitím vhodného
• Neperte barevné a bílé prádlo společně.
Nové, tmavé bavlněné oděvy mohou pouštět
barvu. Perte je odděleně.
• Používejte jen barviva/měniče barev a
odstraňovače vodního kamene vhodné pro
pračky. Vždy postupujte podle pokynů na


• Kalhoty a jemné oděvy perte obrácené
Správná maximální zátěž
Dodržuje prosím pokyny v “Tabulce pro výběr
programu”. Při přetížení pračky dojde ke
snížení účinnosti praní.
Vkládací dvířka
Dvířka se zamknou během programu a rozsvítí se symbol zamčených dvířek. Dvířka lze otevřít, jakmile symbol zhasne.
Prací prášky a aviváže
Přihrádka na prací prášek
Přihrádka na prací prášek se skládá ze tří částí: Přihrádka na prací prášek může mít dva druhy podle modelu vaší pračky.
– (I) pro předeprání
– (II) pro hlavní praní
- (III) sifon
– ( )pro aviváž
Množství prášku
Prací prášek a aviváž vložte před spuštěním pracího programu.
Nikdy neotevírejte přihrádku na prací prášek, když je program spuštěný!
Pokud použijete program bez předepírání, nevkládejte žádný prášek do prostoru pro předeprání (prostor č. I).
Množství prášku
Množství použitého pracího prášku závisí na množství prádla, stupni zašpinění a tvrdosti vody. • Nepoužívejte množství přesahující hodnoty
doporučené na obalu, aby nedocházelo
k přílišnému pěnění, nedostatečnému
vymáchání, zbytečným výdajům a také k
poškození životního prostředí.
• Nikdy nepřekračujte hodnotu (>max<); jinak
bude aviváž zbytečně odplavena. • Nepoužívejte tekutý prací prášek, pokud
chcete prát s využitím funkce odloženého
17 - CZ


4 Volba programu a ovládání vašeho přístroje
Kontrolní panel
6 7 1 - Tlačítko nastavení rychlosti otáček 2 - Displej
3 - Tlačítko nastavení teploty 4 - Tlačítko volby programu
Symboly displeje
a - Symbol ždímání
b - Ukazatel rychlosti ždímání
c - Symbol odpojení vody (podle modelu vaší
d - Symbol úspory
e - Ukazatel teploty
f - Symbol teploty
g - Symbol zablokovanıch dvířek
h - Symbol pohotovostního režimu
i - Symbol startu
j - Symboly pomocné funkce
k - Ukazatel zbıvající doby a odloženého startu l - Symboly ukazatele programu (předepírka/
hlavní praní/máchání/aviváž/ždímání) m - Symbol odloženého startu
a b c d e f
g h i
l k
Zapínání sušičky
Zapojte pračku do sítě. Zcela otevřete kohoutek. Zkontrolujte, zda jsou hadice pevně připojeny. Vložte do spotřebiče prádlo. Přidejte prací prášek
18 - CZ
5 - Hlavní vypínač
6 - Tlačítko pro odložený start (+/-) 7 - Tlačítka pomocných funkcí 8 - Tlačítko start/pauza/zrušit
a aviváž. Stiskněte tlačítko spínače.
Volba programu
Zvolte vhodný program z tabulky programů podle typu, množství a stupně zašpinění prádla a pracích teplot.
Otočte tlačítko volby programu k režimu, kterım chcete své prádlo vyprat.
Zobrazí se doporučená teplota a rychlost otáček pro zvolený program. Stiskněte tlačítko “Start/ Pauza/Storno”, program se spustí.
Hlavní programy
Podle typu textilu jsou dostupné následující hlavní programy.
• Bavlna
S tímto programem můžete prát své odolnější oděvy. Prádlo se vypere díky prudkým pracím pohybům během delšího pracího cyklu. Doporučuje se pro bavlněné předměty (jako prostěradla, sady povlečení, župany, spodní oděvy, atd.).
• Syntetické
S tímto programem můžete prát své méně odolné oděvy. Tento program používá lehčí prací pohyby a kratší prací cyklus než program "Bavlna". Doporučuje se pro syntetické oděvy (košile, halenky, syntetické/bavlněné směsové oděvy, atd.). U záclon a krajek se doporučuje použít program “Syntetické 40” s předepírkou a funkcí snadného žehlení. Prací prášek nevkládejte do přihrádky pro předeprání. Do přihrádky pro hlavní praní vkládejte méně prášku, jelikož tkané látky (krajky) tvoří příliš mnoho pěny kvůli své síťované struktuře.


• Vlna
Tímto programem můžete vyprat vlněné oděvy, které lze prát v pračce. Perte po zvolení správné teploty podle štítků na vašich oděvech. Doporučujeme používat vhodné prací prášky na vlnu.
Další programy
Pro zvláštní případy jsou k dispozici i další programy:
Další programy se mohou lišit podle modelu
vaší pračky.
• Bavlna Eco
Prádlo můžete vyprat pomocí programu na praní bavlny během delší doby, což zaručuje velmi dobrý výsledek praní
Program Bavlna Economy spotřebuje méně
energie než jiné programy na bavlnu. • Babycare
Vyšší hygieny se dosahuje delší dobou ohřevu a
k vyprání lehce znečištěných bavlněných oděvů (max. 3,5 kg) v krátké době a úsporně. Doporučujeme používat tekuté nebo gelové prací prostředky.
• Čištění bubnu
Doporučujeme spouštět tento program v určitých intervalech (např. jednou za 1 nebo 2 měsíce) pro promytí pračky. Tento program musíte rozhodně používat bez prádla v pračce. Než program spustíte, zkontrolujte, zda je pračka prázdná. Pro účinnější čištění můžete program spustit tak, že přidáte práškový odstraňovač vodního kamene pro pračky do přihrádky II v zásuvce na prací prášky. Po dokončení programu nechte dvířka otevřená, aby vnitřek pračky vyschl.
Nejedná se o program na praní prádla. Jde o
údržbový program pračky.
Nikdy nepoužívejte tento program, pokud je
něco v pračce.
oděvy a oděvy pro alergiky.
• Ruční praní
S tímto programem můžete prát vlněné/jemné oděvy označené jako “neprat v pračce” a pro něž je doporučeno ruční praní. Prádlo se vypere velmi jemnými pohyby bez poškození oděvů. • Denní expres (Daily Express)
Tento program se používá k rychlému vyprání menšího počtu lehce ušpiněných a neušpiněných bavlněných oděvů. Např.: župany, povlečení, sportovní oděvy, denní oděvy atd. použité jen jednou.
• expres 14 (Express 14)
Tento program se používá k rychlému vyprání menšího počtu lehce ušpiněných a neušpiněných bavlněných oděvů. Např.: župany, povlečení, sportovní oděvy, denní oděvy atd. použité jen jednou.
• Tmavé pr

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